Labor Pains

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: It says that the “Creator is good and benevolent.” So what do the words “in pain you will bring forth children” mean? What is the meaning of this pain and sorrow?

Answer: Childbirth involves sorrow and pain, and while reading the Torah we are under the impression that the Creator is cruel especially towards women. He says to the woman: “Your desire will be for your husband and he will rule over you.” As if these are two opposing forces but are both aimed at the same cause.

Malchut, our desire, yearns for the source of the filling, for Zeir Anpin, for the male part. What is more, it exists in each of us, both in man and in woman. We yearn for the source of the filling and this egoistic filling rules over us and we cannot do anything about it. This is the attitude of the female part towards the male part.

“In pain you will bring forth children,” means that the birth of every new level, of every new feeling, of every attainment, is through the path of sufferings.

Each time a greater ego is revealed in us, so when we go through many states for a long time we begin to see that it is evil and that we must exit it like from Egypt, to pop out like a pit out of a cherry, under the same pressure that a baby successfully comes out of his mother’s womb during childbirth.

But every birth involves pain, since birth is every new level in which two opposing forces are involved, one of them is the inhibiting force of the embryo, since the ego holds on to him and doesn’t let him come out, at the same time the altruistic pushing force, that pushes the fruit out and doesn’t want to keep it inside is also revealed.

The struggle between these two opposing forces creates a transition process called “pain,” “in pain you will bring forth children.” On the whole, all the corporeal phenomena stem from spirituality. Thus we are born on every level.

So we have to approach the spiritual states by understanding that the group is our “womb,” and in it we have to create the two opposing forces. One of them is the egoistic force that sustains us and the other is the altruistic force of rejection that raises us all. By leaving the force that sustains us on the outside we are born only by the force that pushes us and that leads us onwards.

This spiritual process is typical of men, who go through it in every spiritual birth, on every spiritual level, exactly like women.
From the Convention In Krasnoyarsk Day One 6/14/13, Lesson 3

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