The Whole Convention Is One Group Of Ten

Dr. Michael LaitmanThere cannot be any difference between us during the convention: the young group, the old group, or an individual that studies virtually by himself. A convention is a special state so we have to break all the barriers between us—the boundaries of the groups of ten and other forms of barriers—and become one whole group.

You should feel the closeness that you felt in your group of ten with regard to everyone who participates in the convention. You should have the same attitude since you don’t break free of the framework of the ten, but actually all the thousand people become your group of ten. Try to relate to them this way and see if you can do that or not! If you can’t it means that your group of ten is still far from the spiritual state.

If a person melts and disappears into the group of ten, then it makes no difference whether it’s ten people, a thousand, or seven billion. The main thing is to lose yourself in order to find the force of bestowal and to find the Creator.

“The king’s glory is in the multitudes,” so it turns out that if we are a separate group of ten, we seem to be missing out since we can be more strongly impressed by a greater number of people. If everyone in a crowd of a thousand says half a word it will make a very big impression, but a group of ten is important since in it I can follow the reactions, the connection between us, and my self-criticism.

The group of ten is very dynamic and I can respond to it very quickly. But I expect to feel that we are all one group of ten during the convention so that everyone will influence me and that I will feel his vibes. I hope that it will shake my “donkey” and force it to follow its owner by submitting to a new mind and heart.

This should be our work during the convention compared to working in a group of ten. The whole convention should become one group of ten. The young groups have to be incorporated in everyone and all the boundaries should disappear. They should get to know the others as much as possible and to mingle with people that they don’t know. The main thing is to be impressed by others as much as possible.

Suddenly I begin to recognize and to feel the greatness of the friends about whom I haven’t thought before. It’s easier to be impressed by people who are more distant, since the impressions are doubled by the distance and create an exceptionally powerful impression.

Therefore the young groups have to totally lose their concentration in the general mass to disperse in different directions and keep physically away from one another. This is the whole point of the convention, to achieve such a mixing so that no one will remain with people who are already close to him and will be incorporated in everyone by accepting everyone as his group of ten. Let’s hope that we will succeed and attain a great powerful connection.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/28/13, Writings of Rabash

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