Raise Your Voice Before Pharaoh

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn his time, Baal HaSulam wrote articles explaining the essence of the confrontation between two ideologies: capitalism and socialism. He also traveled to Poland where the vigorous activity of the labor movement took place. For this, the authorities wanted to put him in jail in Palestine and he was nearly arrested in Europe as a communist. He received slander and innuendo in reply. He was forced to move from Jerusalem to Tel-Aviv. However, there was no alternative. He had to apply all his strength to publish his works.

By and large, the time has not changed since then. On the contrary, there were more clever people then who understood the presentation and descriptions of Baal HaSulam. Today, we are witnessing the decline of generations, growing stupidity, and greed. That is what stands today at the foundation.

We must understand that the situation we are in now is the same as it was then. We think that it is much better, but let’s be serious and, if possible, objective researchers. Human nature has not changed. People have become more stubborn, more primitive, and more narrow-minded. Computers, gadgets, and the media deceive us. The flow of news about the end of the familiar world, natural disasters, and the destructive potential of the global crisis is not producing an impact on them.

Our task is to reach out to them, to tell them the truth about the current state of affairs, but while we try to do that, people just are unable to understand what is happening. I don’t blame them for anything, and if my words sound negative, of course it is not their fault. They cannot hear our message.

We cannot do without the “burdening of the heart” here, with what is actually happening. On the other hand, we must continue our work in spite of them, just as Moses worked before Pharaoh.

Who is “Pharaoh” in fact? These are “glorious Jews” in whom the evil inclination is constantly growing, who become more rebellious and spit in Moses’ face, stating that they don’t want to go with him. They do not care about anything: Thank God, everything is fine, the world is full of delights.

That is the Pharaoh who does not let the people of Israel out of bondage, the representative of the evil inclination from the midst of Israel, and we must work against him to the best of our power.

The Torah gives us an example, demonstrating that this is possible. So, we must try to act accordingly. Whether we will succeed or not is not our business. If it works, then this is not our business either. We just have a job that we need to do.

Before us, there is a society wishing only to enjoy life. We must understand Pharaoh is manifested in people in this way.  God help us so that we reveal him, so that we have forces to oppose him successfully.  And they are not to blame. It is no accident that when speaking about the Egyptian exile the Torah mainly talks about Moses, not the people of Israel. Moses, Aaron, and the Creator are before Pharaoh. This is the story of what is happening. The main thing here is to work against general egoism.

Question: What do we want? Is it to add spirit to the masses or to find inclusions of spirit among the masses?

Answer: The masses have no spirit, only indifference. We are looking just for the ability to understand within them against the backdrop of history and the troubles that are manifested today, to understand the developmental trend and shake them up a bit before troubles come. This will be acceleration.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/19/13, Writings of Baal HaSulam 

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