Overthrowing The King In The Company Of Thieves

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe sparks are the most important part and our correction depends on them. The Direct Light is dressed in the Returning Light; there are a Light and a vessel that become one whole and complement one another. It’s because they totally depend on one another to the same extent.

The Returning Light that has lead to the revelation of the Direct Light disappears and becomes a thick flawed Light, and is therefore called a “spark.” It used to be the most important Returning Light that the Creator’s revelation depended upon, but now it’s like a king who has been overthrown, which is a terrible ugly state, as it’s in a critical humiliated condition.

It is the Direct Light that doesn’t have the power to be the Returning Light, the Light of love and mercy. Now it’s possible to use it for different purposes: If you want to cheat someone, you can pretend that you are interested in him and use him to your advantage. You use the Returning Light in order to bestow, but your bestowal is false, and therefore it brings about an even greater shattering, greater fraud, the greatest crimes, and all by the Returning Light that has lost its power of love that enables it to be like the Returning Light.

After the shattering, the Holiness helps the shell and begins to serve it. My desire to receive uses my understanding of bestowal in order to get the greatest egoistic advantage very cunningly. All human wisdom and advancement now support the egoistic desire.

As long as the Direct Light and the Returning Light were dressed in one another, they complemented one another, but when they are separated, the Returning Light becomes thick and remains shattered below. But if we turn it around correctly, it will be able to provide us with an impression from the Light that matches it in spirituality and that once used to cooperate with it. If we try to remain in the Returning Light, it begins to mold in us the vessels that match the Direct Light, new attributes, definitions, and understandings as to which Light it can match when it’s dressed in it.

Thus we work with the sparks, with the Reshimot (spiritual genes) from the Returning Light. We don’t simply yearn for some abstract form of bestowal, but rather recognize the sparks of bestowal, the Reshimot, begin to understand what Light should appear before us, and get to know it according to the attributes that are opposite from it. In the concealment we gradually begin to identify the Creator. The darkness itself reveals the daylight to us.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/27/13, Talmud Eser Sefirot

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