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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: When we are talking about integral learning, we get the impression that there is someone who already understands this method; it’s as if he controls the ordinary person and helps him pass to the next level. Who is organizing all of this for us?

Answer: In our world there are enough people that are not united but who already understand what needs to be done with humanity. Already ninety years ago the academic Vernadsky began to speak about the necessity for the integral unification of society. In his time, this gigantic “brain” had an enormous revelation; he saw the coming form of human development from the start. After that many of his followers appeared both in Russia and in other places. Today this is being discovered everywhere.

Question: All governmental and religious activists know that changing the consciousness of most humans changes society itself and the cooperation between its members, and as a result of this, the principles of managing the government are changed. What will happen to governments? After all, integrality is going to change and format the system.

Answer: On one hand, integrality will format the system, but I don’t think that this will remove the people who are in power. Those found at the peak of the government, the leadership, the economy, these are people who know and possess ability. Perhaps they don’t understand the future system, but they understand the egoistic system. They can organize the process in the right way even if this changes the entire egoistic society. This is to say, these are not ordinary people. They can help the new organization and can participate in it.

A person doesn’t enjoy the dollars that are lying in a safe, rather he enjoys the fulfillment, the feeling of importance, his superiority, that he is higher, stronger, and more important than others. The dollar bill is not fulfilling in itself but rather the spiritual equivalence in the value of this paper which gives security for today and tomorrow. Therefore all of the presently perceived constituents aren’t going anywhere. The power of money is simply going to be eliminated gradually, and in its place will come an absolutely different kind of government, a government of mutual integral cooperation: The more you invest in unity and connection, the more fulfillments you get.
From KabTV’s “Through Time” 3/17/13

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