If I Get Sick I Will Turn To The Friends

Dr. Michael LaitmanRabash, “Make Yourself a Rav and Buy Yourself a Friend- 2”: It was written in the book, Matan Torah (The Giving of the Torah, p 143), that one is not impressed by the society or takes their appreciation of something, unless he regards the society as greater than himself. This is the reason why each one must feel that he is the smallest of them all, since one who is great cannot receive from one who is smaller than himself, much less be impressed by his words. Rather, it is only the smaller one who is impressed through appreciating the greater one.

This is one of the recommendations as to how a person has to organize his thoughts, his desires, and his attitudes in order to reach the goal. The ultimate goal of course is in the initial thought, but in order to reach that a person has to build from the endpoint to the to the very beginning.

The advice can be general and individual. The general advice is from the foundation for the individual’s advice, and it’s our obligation to follow the spirit of the general advice. The individual advice refers to specific thoughts that suddenly come to a person, but the foundation has to be solid and common to everyone.

This is why it is necessary to feel the importance of the group and it has to be as strong and great as possible, which means great in quantity and quality. It’s because a person is a desire to receive. Everything begins from the ego that must be corrected. So we have to think about what works most effectively on my ego, on my desire to receive, which members of the society.

Some can influence me, and someone cannot. I need to be like an objective doctor, an outsider who is taking care of this patient, of my desire to receive, which I have to cure. So I need to check which society I need for that and which people impress me, and which actions, and what bestowal I should ask from the friends. When I am sick I am allowed to ask the friends for help, since it says: “They shall help one another.”

When we gather, we have to praise the society and speak of its greatness and then speak about the necessary measures by which we reach the love of friends, and from the love of the created beings we reach the love of the Creator. So I can advise them and ask them to perform such actions that I believe will affect my desire to receive most efficiently.

We must hope, wait, expect, and check, whether our feeling towards the love of friends and towards getting closer to one another is constantly growing, and whether I feel help from above by that, meaning the bestowal of the Light that Reforms. We must constantly check ourselves: which changes occur from one day to the next, from one week to the next, and whether we feel the changes as we get closer to the friends, the growing importance, necessity, and the strengthening of our connections. I check my ascents and descents according to these criteria and not according to my mood. Thus we advance.
From the Preparation of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/23/13

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