I Live In A World That Lives In Me

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, “The Arvut (Mutual Guarantee)”, Item 25: …about the reason why the Torah was not given to our fathers, because the Mitzva, “Love thy friend as thyself,” the axis of the whole Torah and around which all the Mitzvot revolve, so as to clarify and interpret it, cannot be observed by an individual, but only through the consent of an entire nation.

And this is why it took until they came out of Egypt, when they became worthy of observing it. And then they were first asked if each and every one of the nation agreed to take that Mitzva upon himself. And once they agreed to it, they were given the Torah.

I cannot reach anything in a group of ten if all the other friends don’t support me and don’t cooperate with me. In fact, we must be “as one man in one heart.” My personal efforts will be ineffective if the others don’t participate in the efforts.

This may seem like a very big obstacle, but in fact, it isn’t an obstacle. If I cannot incorporate into a framework called a “corrected group of ten,” it means that I have not reached my personal correction yet and have not become the one who bestows, adhered to the Creator, at least to a certain extent.

The perception of the spiritual reality already operates here. I mustn’t see anything on the outside as an external factor. The pattern of the ten is inside me as a replica of my inner world that is meant only so that I can work with my attributes that seem to be on the outside, in the friends. This helps me approach the correction in a more practical manner.

The Creator is not revealed to an individual created being, but only in a group of ten. This matches the structure of the nation and of the entire world. Therefore, I must work on the whole wide dimension of reality.

It is because all this is actually me. I see my inner attributes on the outside, like radiography, in the still, vegetative, and animate nature and in human beings. It is as if everything is spread from me outward.

So, I must see how all the others are advancing to correction and to what extent I can help advance every part that is external to me. In one place, I introduce integral education, and in another place, I present introductory material for integral education. However, one way or the other, it stems only from me, from the same source, and is aimed in only one direction, toward actual integral education and onward to more internal circles, which means the desires that are closer to my point in the heart. Here, I can engage in the wisdom of Kabbalah and work in a group of ten, which means in an environment that is closer to the spiritual spark in my point in the heart.

This is how I should see the general picture. Through this perception, I understand that if I restrict my perception and don’t worry about the entire world, it will lead to nothing.

However, a person advances along this path by the Light that Reforms that gradually helps him perceive things correctly. So, we must do only what we are obliged to do, and eventually we will change. The Light will come and illuminate, and then I will see and understand that my approach and my perception should be general. The Light will let me feel and understand what the attribute of bestowal is, and I will accept it and continue.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/23/13, “The Mutual Guarantee”

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