Family Business Is An Indicator Of Stability

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What will happen to family businesses tomorrow? We see in Europe that bakeries which existed for four hundred years have gone through all the crises and continued operating until now.

Answer: Family businesses will exist as long as there is a family, because the family is the foundation of human society. I don’t think it will disappear. Now we are going through a difficult stage of family disintegration, but family businesses, both major companies and small private enterprises, are the basis of the system.

On whom else can you rely? Whom can you trust? It is the relatives and close people to whom you already are willing to give and help. That is why the family business will continue to be an indicator of stability.

Women can also join it because they strengthen businesses even further. The woman is the key to its existence.
From KabTV’s “Through Times” 3/20/13

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