Attaining The World Through The Lens Of The Group

Dr. Michael LaitmanI have to attribute all the powers I get to one source so that by acting together with them, I will be able to analyze myself and the whole world and then start operating in the opposite direction towards the source on my own.

There is me and this upper source, and between us there is the whole world. But the whole world can be compressed to the dimensions of one group so that it is clearer to me how I should work with it most effectively. Then I don’t have to clarify my attitude towards the whole world, towards all of reality, but the group is enough for the time being. All of reality is focused for me in this group, like through a lens.

If I work with nine other friends with regard to the Creator, like through a magnifying glass, then in this lens, I focus the whole world, the entire view of the universe: from me to the Creator and back to me. This is how the law that says that the general and the particular are equal operates. This is why the infinite creation with the infinite number of Partzufim and worlds are concentrated in the ten Sefirot that I determine, through which I relate to it. All of reality is now concentrated in the one particular section that I have chosen.

This is a great help for us and it is possible thanks to the shattering. Before the shattering there were no general and particular, which only appear after the shattering. Thanks to this we can achieve better results by attaining the general through the particular.
From a Talk about Inner Work 9/30/12

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