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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Social science is based on two models that run parallel. One is called the macro-sociological model where the individual personality traits are not taken into account, meaning a person is an object. Another is the micro-sociological model where a person is a subject, and his personal qualities and characteristics are used. Is a person an object or subject in the integral community?

Answer: They both are completely interconnected; otherwise, it’s not integrality. Integrality is not just a sum, but one whole. When all the people act deliberately in the name of the community, then each of them is at the height of this community, becoming its principal member and without disturbing the rest. This is the same analog system in which each smallest element is the most important because if it doesn’t exist, the system is not whole.

Comment: There is a standard anecdotal situation: One is clever, the other one is handsome, and together they participate in building society. Who has the advantage?

Answer: In the integral society no one has any advantage; everyone is very important. Everyone individually, due to his qualities, adds what is necessary to the entire community. One is not like the other, but everyone is equal because relative to integrality each is valued as an element without which it will not exist. Everyone contributes 100% for the system to exist.

Question: So, is everyone both a subject and an object, but without mixing the two characteristics?

Answer: There is no mixing; he connects all this integrally inside because in order to be an integral member of the community, he must feel inside himself all of its properties, desires; he must absorb the whole of society; it must live in him!
From KabTV’s “Integral World: Formula of an Integral Society” 7/1/12

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