The Urgent Need

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Science and art are methods for understanding reality. Science does it in a rational way and art, emotionally and intuitively.

Many criteria we have talked about stem from the emotional and the intuitive field. So does that mean that the idea of establishing an integral society is based on art?

Answer: I believe this perception is based on scientific and economic findings.

I will not speak about science since it is hard to explain to a person to what extent science is actually subjective with regard to our senses. If we were different, we would discover other sciences and other mutual actions. Nature is concealed only with regard to man. Therefore all the sciences are subjective.

Building an integral society is not some emotional philosophy or some psychological approach. It is an essential necessity because the current state of society obligates us to do so. Whatever we build in industry or economy is a result of society and therefore cannot exist without the correct change of social connections. So the need for this is obvious.

The integrality that is being revealed in the world today is a fully mutual connection that we cannot chop off. We see it in the connections in the so-called common market, although it is quite one-sided. An ordinary person cannot understand why these connections must not be broken. Expel Greece, Spain and Italy, why do you need them?! Leave only Germany, France, and a couple of other strong states that able, willing, rich, and strong; no, you can’t tear them off, you cannot disconnect from them.

The point is that the connections are so entangled (and this appears in a totally irrational manner) that these states are ready to pay billions of dollars only so that other states will not break off the common market. Why? Because it is already felt as one common integral system! In an analog system, you tear apart all the connections by tearing off a certain part. So by cutting off Greece you will suddenly feel that there are connections missing between Germany and France. This means that we actually see how mutually connected the world is today.

Today we don’t even have to fight someone; there is no need to conquer anyone. You can defeat any country by cutting off your relations with it.

Today there isn’t one state that can hold on and provide everything that it needs by itself. The world has become integral and so in an integral world we have to make the right mutual relations part of our connections.

If we only think about how to harm one another, we will not be able to survive. So when we talk about the need for the change of man as the basic factor in this system, it is an urgent practical necessity. Without it today, you will not develop industry, commerce or international commerce since it is all mutually connected.
From KabTV’s “Integral World: Formula of an Integral Society” 7/1/12

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