How To Enjoy The Zohar

well What is The Zohar teaching us? We know from the science of Kabbalah that the Creator created one desire, inside of which all further development takes place. This one desire includes numerous particular desires, which are interconnected into one system called “Adam” – the common soul.

Then, according to His program, the Creator began corrupting the connection between the parts of that desire. They began losing the connection between each other, similar to the organs in an ailing body that stop correctly interacting with each other. This causes an imbalance and we feel symptoms of the ailment, such as rising pressure or temperature, the wrong chemical composition of the blood, and so on. These are all signs that the organism is not balancing itself, and we call it a disease.

Why does the Creator do this to the souls? He does it in order for us to feel corruption and then to correct it. The disease is a corruption of the connections between us, who are parts of a single system. As this corruption permeates us, we begin to feel less and less connected with each other.

There are 125 degrees in this loss of connection between us. It is a descent from infinity, where we are infinitely connected with each other, to the state where this connection completely disappears.

Moreover, there is a level called “Parsa” along these 125 degrees where a greater corruption emerges; instead of a positive connection or absence of it, we form a negative connection. Now everyone wants to use the others for self-benefit. The organism is not simply dying, but is consuming itself completely.

This descent into the desire to use others goes on until it reaches the state where we completely lose all connection between each other – both a positive connection for bestowal and a negative connection for receiving. In this state, we exist in total nonconformance to spirituality, lacking all attainment and knowledge. This is a result of our separation from each other where we perceive this world, an imaginary reality. Why is it imaginary? Because it was purposefully set up by the Creator to give us an illusion of His absence.

What we are to do? We must understand that we have to correct the connection between us. The ascent of the soul from our world to the World of Infinity occurs to the degree that we strengthen the connection is between us. Recovery of connection between us creates the ascent.

Therefore, the more we imagine our state in connection with other souls, the more we will enjoy The Book of Zohar. After all, it was written from the elevation of the World of Infinity. The authors of The Book of Zohar wrote this masterpiece from the elevation of the 125th degree where they were connected together.

While studying The Zohar, we need to feel a desire to connect together. There is no need to be “smart.” It’s enough to simply remember that we attain everything inside the connection with each other.

Actually, The Zohar talks only about the connection between the souls. It explains our connection within the global system called “Adam” with all the other souls, and how we use them to connect together in a sound, healthy, and correctly functioning system.

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