Catch The Creator’s Broadcast

Audio Newspaper Kabbalah Today The desire to enjoy in and of itself is no obstacle for the union of the Creator and the creature. The only thing standing in the way is the desire’s egoistic form, which is opposite to the Creator. However, the desire itself is the perfect material for the reception of Light.

If I want to catch a radio wave, I don’t need to be the wave myself; I simply need my matter to attain the same quality as the wave. The matter itself is no hindrance; on the contrary, it is the foundation in which I reveal the wave. I only have to make this matter similar to the radio wave’s quality, and then within my matter I will catch its influence. In other words, I will perceive the form of the wave that I am capable of.

If it weren’t for my desire to enjoy, I would never be able to know and feel the Creator. How could I perceive Him if He’s the Creator, an entity that exists outside of me? For that I would need to accept Him within and feel Him within me, and that’s only possible inside my matter, by receiving His form.

I would never be able to feel Him outside of my matter because I am the creature and as such I only feel what is inside of me. However, my matter doesn’t hinder me; quite the opposite, I perceive the Light within my matter. I am like a radio receiver – although it’s made of metal, plastic, and silicone, it is able to catch the radio wave because it can reconstruct that wave’s form within itself. Therefore, I should focus on my matter, but only my intention, because the intention is the form.

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