Choose Advancement

anyone We don’t have any freedom in our corporeal life. However, when it comes to our spiritual development, we can choose our surroundings, the desire that creates our surroundings, and our attitude towards society.

Even though we still act within the limitations that the system imposes on us, we can choose the path of our advancement between the two points on our spiritual road – the start and end points. We are unable to change the points themselves, since the end point lies in the root of our souls. This is where we once descended from and where we now have to return. It is obvious that we cannot take any other path.

However, we can choose how we will advance; it is within our power to look for different paths and possibilities of development. By doing this, we attain the Creator’s mind and become similar to Him, and thus, we acquire a certain amount of freedom of will relative to our current and future states.


Today we already possess a portion of our future state, called AHP of the Upper Level. The next step for each of us, “myself+1,” already exists in the spiritual world, and its lower part (AHP) is present inside us.  We can reveal it and start yearning the next state. In other words, We are free to make the decision of whether to move forward or not. Therefore,we have the choice of being in “today” or advancing to “tomorrow.”

If we live only within the realm of this world, then we don’t know anything about tomorrow, meaning, about the next moment. Therefore, it is impossible for us to choose anything, since our only choice is to choose the future.

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