Our Whole Work Is To Develop The Desire

Connecting Through the Worlds In the corporeal world we work on fulfillment, while in the spiritual world we work on desire. This confuses us as we are not used to it. Therefore, without feeling the desire, we leave the spiritual work, thinking, “If I don’t want it, why go ahead with it?”

We don’t understand that the only thing we need to attain is the prayer that precedes the prayer, the desire to acquire the desire. This is the most important thing. We should never be concerned with fulfillment. The fulfillments are our future degrees and they always exist. They are already there, waiting for us to desire them and to become ready to attain them.

We reveal The Book of Zohar by understanding that we only need the desire. As soon as we acquire the desire through our studies, it will be fulfilled immediately.

Approaching a Kabbalah book, study, and any spiritual action without a desire is normal; this is how everyone starts. The awakening a person receives at the very beginning is given to him in order to bring him to the right place so he has the opportunity to clarify everything for himself. However, after this he is left alone and is no longer awakened from Above, because our whole work is only to develop the desire, the vessel (Kli).

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