“And Darkness Will Shine As Light”

why3.jpgA question I received: What is the difference between darkness and Light in spirituality?

My Answer: When a person brings the Light of Hassadim into the darkness, he reveals that that darkness is the Light of Hochma. This is how Kabbalah defines the difference between darkness and Light.

Night is when the Light of Hassadim is absent, and day is when the Light of Hassadim is present. The Light of Hochma is always present because Hochma is essentially the Creator.

Therefore, it always shines 100%. But after Tzimtzum Alef, the Light of Hochma is revealed only to the extent that the Light of Hassadim (the intention to bestow) is generated by a person.

Therefore, the darkness and suffering that we feel today are also coming from the Creator. They signify that the Upper Light is coming closer to us, but we feel it as darkness, evil, and problems because we are still opposite to it.

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