Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 01.10.10

The Book of Zohar – Selections, Chapter “VaYeshev (And Jacob Sat),” Item 258
One should make efforts in the desire, rather than the mind. One should constantly aspire to acquire the perception of the true reality.
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“Preface to the Wisdom of Kabbalah,” Item 113, Lesson 46
The force of the striking interaction (Zivug) is measured by how much the desire to enjoy becomes similar to the desire to bestow pleasure.
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Preface to the Book of Zohar,” Item 35, Lesson 13
I begin to reveal the spiritual world when I change hatred for my neighbor to love for him.
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All Of History Is Inside Me

where.jpg A question I received: Is all of human history just something that appears within me?

My Answer: I perceive reality only here and now. I imagine inside me that there is a history taking place “over time,” that something “was” and “will be”; however, all this is but my own imagination. Did this really happen in the past? It only took place in my consciousness; I perceived it as happening. However, there is nothing outside of me; everything exists only inside my will to enjoy.

History is a process that I imagine taking place over time. But there is no time! There is no movement, and there is no space; we only image them. There is only a “place” called “the will to enjoy,” and around this desire there are records of information called Reshimot passing by, like a reel of film being unraveled and giving me the sensation that I live inside this movie.

Within my desire, all of realty divides into “me” and “the rest of nature,” which includes the inanimate objects, plants, animals, and people. This division into two distant and opposite parts was created in me deliberately, so I would correct my ego by uniting the two parts of my desire together.

One part of my desire hates the other, because one part appears to me as external, such as the people outside me, and the other part appears as internal, myself. This is why I reject others and do things that seemingly benefit myself.

As a result of my studies, I have to understand that the things which appear external to me only seem this way in order for me to overcome this division and correct my desire. I have to change my desire to one of bestowing by ceasing to see the difference between my two desires – the external and internal. Therein lies my salvation, which enables me to come out of my current egoistic state and attain bestowal, thus entering a new reality. By acquiring the intention to bestow, I will feel the spiritual world.

This does not mean that I go through the preparation here and later on I will be “transferred” to another place. Rather, to the degree I reveal love for you instead of hatred, I will begin to feel the spiritual world, the world to come. It is comprised of desires that I attach to myself. So I shouldn’t look for faraway worlds, because it’s all here. Everything lies in the connection between me and those who now seem distant and hateful to me.

Later on I will reveal that I had hated myself and only harmed myself. The more harm I inflicted on others, the more I will have to correct myself later on.

Preparing For An Historic Event

What Is Mutual Guarantee in a Virtual Group A question I received: Sometimes in life there are situations of incredible opportunity. In a month and a half there will be an international Kabbalah Congress in Israel dedicated to The Zohar, which will be attended by thousands of people. How should we prepare for this Congress if we want real changes to take place?

My Answer: This is, indeed, a very special situation. For the first time in history, we are given the opportunity to solve all our problems, both in Israel and the whole world. This is what the revelation of The Book of Zohar can do.

This Congress will give every person the key to the solution; the solution can be partial or complete, it can be personal or national or even global, it can even pertain to the existence of all reality, because everything originates from one root.

At the Congress, we still study what Baal HaSulam explains – how we can truly change our destiny. Right now we have all the tools and opportunities for this at our disposal; we only have to use them correctly. We will study all of this and we will implement it in practice when we meet.

I think that every person whose wish is not to simply hear about everything Kabbalah says from a distance, but who wishes to actually implement this wisdom and to change his life and fate for the better, will participate in this Congress, whether virtually or physically. I expect that there will be people in attendance who have only heard of Kabbalah a month or two ago, and who revealed it at the last moment. There will be room for everyone there.

If a person is searching for a way to change his life and wants to find out a little more about himself, his future, and the opportunity to change things, then the wisdom of Kabbalah enables him to do this. And there is no other opportunity.

Hints About Where To Look For Him

body At every new moment in time, a damaged Reshimo enters us and our task is to fix the world that exists inside of us. To help us do this, The Zohar is written to be a ready made instruction manual. We just have to read it and search for the properties it tells us about within ourselves. We have to translate everything that is written in The Zohar into our desires and the relationships between them. The whole book is about this, and that is how it was written.

The Torah and all other sacred books are written the same way because they were also written by those who sensed spirituality. However, The Zohar was wexternal ritten with exceptional skill; its authors knew how to explain every minute detail to us. It teaches us how to bring our image of the world into ourselves. This is what our work is all about.

Once we do this, the whole world will begin to awaken as well, because we are all connected. If some people still don’t feel this interconnection, then it’s only temporary. It’s like waking up in the morning with your leg still asleep. You’re unable to feel it, but gradually you begin to regain the feeling in your leg. The same is true for the rest of the world.

The Kabbalistic group is a set of desires that exist outside of me and support me in my goal to connect my external and internal parts together. The group helps me by trying to get inside of me, pushing me from the outside to return myself inside. We act collectively because the group is ready to become one person with one heart – together with me.

It is as if this “external” piece moves in my direction all by itself. These desires seem foreign to me, but the more I want to sense them as my own, they will in turn approach me and get closer to me. Meanwhile, the Creator is hiding within those desires, making them seem alien to me in order to force me to look for and recognize Him within those desires.

Kabbalah Explains The Big Bang

balanceIn the News (from RIANOVOSTI): “Nobel Prize  winner Dr. Mather explains Big Bang” The term Big Bang generally refers to the idea that the universe expanded from a primordial hot and dense initial condition at some finite time in the past (currently estimated to have been approximately 15 billion years ago) and continues to expand and grow cooler to this day. The Universe could have been formed from 10 centimeters of matter.

My Comment: Actually, the universe was formed out of spiritual energy, a spark of which broke through into our material level and created everything existing in it. The Upper, spiritual worlds were formed in a similar fashion, each one originating from the higher one.

The Zohar Is A Spiritual Centrifuge

The Goal of Creation Is Perfect Fulfillment When a person joins the group, he works on unifying the desires of all the friends and aiming them towards one goal. Inside the united desire, they reveal the quality of mutual connection and love – the quality of the Creator. A person “flies” forward together with everyone, riding on the impulse that is created by reading The Book of Zohar.

Whoever does not join this inner movement will be thrust outside by the force of The Book of Zohar. This is because The Zohar selects only those who aspire to unification, those who will stay on the path and aspire to the goal even more with time, becoming stronger and more focused. One who doesn’t aspire to unification in order to reach the goal will be thrust outside by the force of the movement, and thus, will be pushed away from the group.

The Zohar contains a force that attracts a person to the center. Its force creates a group because it was written by a group of the greatest Kabbalists in history.

Therefore, before one starts reading The Book of Zohar, one should check his inclusion in the group and his position in relation to the goal. As it is written regarding the reception of the Torah, “To be as one man with one heart” – this is the necessary condition for revealing the spiritual world.

Otherwise, it is written, “Here will be the place of your burial,” which means you will be thrown out by the same spiritual force and will return to your dead world.

During the previous years, we did not feel this strict selection in the process of studying Kabbalah because we were still in the period of preparation. However, now that we are studying The Book of Zohar, its force immediately reveals who is for it and who is against it. A person is judged “to live or to die” (spiritually) by this principle only.

Struggling To Unite Opposites

author A question I received: You said that we need to study The Zohar with others in order to try to unify all of the points in the heart. But it is very difficult for me to make this connection because The Zohar feels very personal, like something inside of me, so how can I connect it together with other souls?

My Answer: It is true that one needs to think about uniting with others, that a person needs to exit from inside oneself, to be in the right line, in bestowal. But the left line is my personal search for what The Book of Zohar talks about, a search for all these qualities inside me.

These two lines do not intersect; the right one is exiting from inside oneself, and the left one is self-exploration. The right line is the entire world outside me, and I am simply the initial point of the soul, while the left line is the entire world inside of me and there is nothing else – only me. These two lines can only be connected by the Upper Light that surrounds us, but until this happens we see that it’s impossible. However, we still have to try to combine them and wait for this union to come from Above.

This contradiction will continue to grow more and more; everyone will feel it to the full degree. We will pass through many states; sometimes we will be successful, but other times we will not succeed. Sometimes we will think of unity, and other times we will only think about our own impressions as we begin to feel the entire universe inside us. I read The Zohar, forgetting about the others, only feeling how it resonates inside me, without any connection to the others. We need to pass through both of these opposite states until a third element comes and connects the two together; it is called the Creator, the middle line that clothes in a person.

Wake Up A Free Person

activity A question I received: If we are living in this world like in a dream, where is our freedom of will? Is it also a dream?

My Answer: A dream in the spiritual world refers to a lack of awareness. While I ascend up the ladder of the spiritual degrees, I sometimes fall into a state of sleep, where my thoughts, desires and awareness of this state are very blurry and foggy.

My Kli contains but a slight illumination, and therefore I don’t know myself nor do I feel the state in which I exist. I only have a slight sensation that I exist by virtue of being enlivened by a tiny spark of life called “Kista de-Hayuta.” It’s there so that I would be able to awaken at some point in the future.

It is like a sleeping person in our world. We know that he hasn’t died, but otherwise, how is his state any different? He doesn’t move or talk at all. Yet, we know that there is a reality called “sleep” and a person can awaken from it, become responsive again, regain awareness of himself, and begin to act. Thus, the minimal state of maintaining life is called sleep.

However, today you are not sleeping the spiritual sleep. Rather, you are in such deep fog that you don’t even suspect what your true state is. When you awaken, you will understand that you had to live this life, where you didn’t control anything at all; you weren’t in control of yourself, just like in your sleep.

You have no freedom of choice in this sleep. Now, your freedom lies only in waking up from it!

My Life As A Movie – The “Real” Deal

anything With the shattering of the one soul, my desire split into two parts: Galgalta ve Eynaim and AHP; and I then started perceiving one of the parts as the outside world. It works much like a photographic mechanism in that I feel those desires within me, but it seems to me that they are outside of me and I see them inverted, as if in a mirror.

The whole world is inside of me. What I see right now is the manifestation of the next record of information, a Reshimo (reminiscence) that I feel in all five parts of my desire. There is nothing else besides this.

Every moment new Reshimot awaken and cause new impressions within my desires, making me see another world. Nothing else happens other than this process.

My life and my reality are actually Reshimot that are dressed as me and manifest themselves through me. The Light impacts both me and my desires; it makes Reshimot run through my desires as if sliding along a chain, or like a movie reel spinning with the projector showing a movie.

I watch it and sense it to be my life, but do I really live it? If I turn back 20, 30, or 40 years, will I believe it was I who lived at that time? Looking back, it seems like I was watching a movie. My prior life is a movie that simply “flowed” through me. Many people would agree that there is a feeling that their life was just a dream.

It wasn’t my life; it vanished like a dream. I didn’t act on my own, and I didn’t do anything. A ray of light shined, a movie played, and I only watched it like a spectator and played my role in it like an actor. All there was to it is Reshimot, the Light, and my desire to be pleased.

Every Reshimo that runs through me divides my desire into two parts – inner and outer. Therefore, within this movie, I sensed all kinds of things outside of me, such as the trees, the sun, the moon, and people. I gave birth to children and worked. But this division of my reality into two parts was done only to create the sense that there is something outside of me; it was in order to enable me to feel that there is another force – the Creator. And in so doing, I was forced to search for Him. By connecting that outer reality to myself, I attain the Creator.

Fatigue Is A Lack Of Desire

All the World's Wise People Are In a Crisis Sometimes people come to the lesson with what appears to be fatigue. But it’s not fatigue. As Rabash said: If someone were to tell you that your house was on fire, you would jump up and run! Therefore, this is not fatigue, but only a lack of desire.

When people feel that they don’t understand or feel the material, as though they are in a thick fog, these feelings are symptoms of the desire’s dullness. “I’m not really interested, I don’t feel well, I have more pressing matters to deal with, I need to rest, tomorrow I’ve got a big day at work” – all these excuses are nothing but a lack of desire.

When I feel this way, it means that I am deliberately given the opportunity to find the desire, to want to obtain it, and to realize that I must find it myself. Finding the desire is only possible by opening a Kabbalah book, even when I don’t want to read or understand it, and when I don’t see or feel anything in it. Gradually, by forcing myself to read a little more, and a little more, and a little more – letter by letter, word by word, I search and wait to be overtaken by the desire described in The Book of Zohar.

I am aware of all these steps, tasteless as they are, without feeling or understanding them. However, it is precisely in this lack of taste, sensation, and awakening that I begin to feel the Creator’s attitude toward me. I realize that He still gives me the opportunity and a precise place to apply my own effort in all of these states.

This is my mutual work with the Upper Level, where I begin to connect to the Creator even in the states when I don’t feel that He is “Good that does Good” and “There is none else besides Him.” In this manner I come to the correct desires.

The fulfillment, the Upper Light, is in absolute rest. All that’s missing are the desires, the vessels (Kelim)