The Zohar Is A Spiritual Centrifuge

The Goal of Creation Is Perfect Fulfillment When a person joins the group, he works on unifying the desires of all the friends and aiming them towards one goal. Inside the united desire, they reveal the quality of mutual connection and love – the quality of the Creator. A person “flies” forward together with everyone, riding on the impulse that is created by reading The Book of Zohar.

Whoever does not join this inner movement will be thrust outside by the force of The Book of Zohar. This is because The Zohar selects only those who aspire to unification, those who will stay on the path and aspire to the goal even more with time, becoming stronger and more focused. One who doesn’t aspire to unification in order to reach the goal will be thrust outside by the force of the movement, and thus, will be pushed away from the group.

The Zohar contains a force that attracts a person to the center. Its force creates a group because it was written by a group of the greatest Kabbalists in history.

Therefore, before one starts reading The Book of Zohar, one should check his inclusion in the group and his position in relation to the goal. As it is written regarding the reception of the Torah, “To be as one man with one heart” – this is the necessary condition for revealing the spiritual world.

Otherwise, it is written, “Here will be the place of your burial,” which means you will be thrown out by the same spiritual force and will return to your dead world.

During the previous years, we did not feel this strict selection in the process of studying Kabbalah because we were still in the period of preparation. However, now that we are studying The Book of Zohar, its force immediately reveals who is for it and who is against it. A person is judged “to live or to die” (spiritually) by this principle only.

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