My Life As A Movie – The “Real” Deal

anything With the shattering of the one soul, my desire split into two parts: Galgalta ve Eynaim and AHP; and I then started perceiving one of the parts as the outside world. It works much like a photographic mechanism in that I feel those desires within me, but it seems to me that they are outside of me and I see them inverted, as if in a mirror.

The whole world is inside of me. What I see right now is the manifestation of the next record of information, a Reshimo (reminiscence) that I feel in all five parts of my desire. There is nothing else besides this.

Every moment new Reshimot awaken and cause new impressions within my desires, making me see another world. Nothing else happens other than this process.

My life and my reality are actually Reshimot that are dressed as me and manifest themselves through me. The Light impacts both me and my desires; it makes Reshimot run through my desires as if sliding along a chain, or like a movie reel spinning with the projector showing a movie.

I watch it and sense it to be my life, but do I really live it? If I turn back 20, 30, or 40 years, will I believe it was I who lived at that time? Looking back, it seems like I was watching a movie. My prior life is a movie that simply “flowed” through me. Many people would agree that there is a feeling that their life was just a dream.

It wasn’t my life; it vanished like a dream. I didn’t act on my own, and I didn’t do anything. A ray of light shined, a movie played, and I only watched it like a spectator and played my role in it like an actor. All there was to it is Reshimot, the Light, and my desire to be pleased.

Every Reshimo that runs through me divides my desire into two parts – inner and outer. Therefore, within this movie, I sensed all kinds of things outside of me, such as the trees, the sun, the moon, and people. I gave birth to children and worked. But this division of my reality into two parts was done only to create the sense that there is something outside of me; it was in order to enable me to feel that there is another force – the Creator. And in so doing, I was forced to search for Him. By connecting that outer reality to myself, I attain the Creator.

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