Wake Up A Free Person

activity A question I received: If we are living in this world like in a dream, where is our freedom of will? Is it also a dream?

My Answer: A dream in the spiritual world refers to a lack of awareness. While I ascend up the ladder of the spiritual degrees, I sometimes fall into a state of sleep, where my thoughts, desires and awareness of this state are very blurry and foggy.

My Kli contains but a slight illumination, and therefore I don’t know myself nor do I feel the state in which I exist. I only have a slight sensation that I exist by virtue of being enlivened by a tiny spark of life called “Kista de-Hayuta.” It’s there so that I would be able to awaken at some point in the future.

It is like a sleeping person in our world. We know that he hasn’t died, but otherwise, how is his state any different? He doesn’t move or talk at all. Yet, we know that there is a reality called “sleep” and a person can awaken from it, become responsive again, regain awareness of himself, and begin to act. Thus, the minimal state of maintaining life is called sleep.

However, today you are not sleeping the spiritual sleep. Rather, you are in such deep fog that you don’t even suspect what your true state is. When you awaken, you will understand that you had to live this life, where you didn’t control anything at all; you weren’t in control of yourself, just like in your sleep.

You have no freedom of choice in this sleep. Now, your freedom lies only in waking up from it!

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