The Power Of The Right Side

soul4In the News (from LiveScience):Most People Prefer Right Ear for Listening” Most people prefer to be addressed in their right ears in everyday settings and are more likely to do a favor when the request is received in their right ears rather than their left ones, new research suggests… we actually hear information better in our right ears, [Luca Tommasi of the University “Gabriele d’Annunzio” in Chieti, Italy] said…The brain’s left hemisphere is more involved in language processing, which justifies the preferential use of the right (contralateral) ear for listening in everyday situations, he said.

My Comment: Kabbalah states that one must always start from the right. The right part of Nature is bestowing, while the left is receiving. When you ask for something, talk into the person’s right ear!

After starting from the right side, you then turn to the left: upon gathering the power of the right, bestowing side, one can turn to the left side so as to correct the egoism of the left side.

Everything should be done right to left.

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