The ‘Culture Of Irresponsibility’ Is A Result Of Our Egoism

analysis20of20the20crisis2In the news (from The MailOnline):Barack Obama announces sweeping changes to the US financial system in a bid to end ‘culture of irresponsibility’” President Obama has announced the biggest shake-up of regulation of the US financial system since the Great Depression… Mr. Obama claimed his new ‘rules of the road’ were desperately needed because ‘a culture of irresponsibility took root from Wall Street to Washington to Main Street.’..

My Comment: Irresponsibility stems from our natural egoism, which does not let us consider others over profit, power or fame. Boosting and enforcing government regulations is not a substitute for people’s sense of responsibility for the world they live in. The Soviet Union has already tried and failed to cure egoism through force. This will be President Obama’s great mistake, but it will then be followed by the realization and acceptance of Kabbalah as the method of correction of man’s egoistic nature. Unfortunately, humanity will have to suffer a great deal before that happens!

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