The Breaking Of The Iron Wall

strifeOur times are different in that the question “What is the meaning of life?” is becoming relevant to all of humanity. We begin to realize that life demands our mutual accordance, compromises, understanding, and coexistence. And we can create the kind of connection among us that is necessary for our survival only through the method of Kabbalah.

Therefore, today we see the disintegration of the iron wall between the science of Kabbalah and humanity, which Baal HaSulam discussed.  The wall has existed for 2000 years, and is now breaking. This is because questions have arisen along with the development of relationships among people, and therein lies the precise location of the breaking. It is here that the science of Kabbalah (and only the science of Kabbalah) can help.

Therefore, salvation will not come on its own. Humanity will not find any regulators to correct our fall, but will find that everything depends only on the development of positive relationships among people. Many people are talking about the need for proper relationships, but no one has the means for correction, the ability to draw the Light, the Upper energy, the force of Nature. If people need to connect to each other by rising above their egoism, they will be unable to do this without the science of Kabbalah.

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