The One Science That Can Change The World

remindsA question I received: You said that Baal HaSulam completely overturned how the science of Kabbalah was disseminated and directed it to a completely new level. Must dissemination come to a new level in our time also?

My Answer: As opposed to all Kabbalists before him, Baal HaSulam elevated Kabbalah to the level of a modern scientific method. He described it in modern language and as such, he gave us the opportunity to use it to change the world.

We have come to the complete destruction of the previous social system but still don’t know how to build a new system. It is this state of not knowing that could lead us into a world war.

This is why the science of Kabbalah is being revealed now.  It explains how we can correct all of what was built on the basis of human egoism. The only thing we have to do is to fulfill the method that will allow us to build new, appropriate connections between us. Then we will be aligned to the new integral, global world.

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