Man Is To Blame For Abnormal Behaviors In Nature

soulIn the News (translated from Naukanews): Abnormal behavior of the Sun, observed in recent years, doesn’t fit any of the existing models and is fraught with unpredictable consequences. The anomaly seems endless. We see increasing evidence of fundamental misunderstanding by modern science of processes happening in stars in general and in the Sun, in particular.

My Comment: Man, as the highest being of Nature, influences the behavior of the still, vegetative and animate levels of Nature with his desires and thoughts. The behavior of the Sun and Nature as a whole are rooted in man’s behavior – therefore, we shouldn’t expect good results!

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  1. Rav Laitman, if I understand correctly Nature conducts itself according to certain laws. For instance only take and use what you need and not more. But a friend told me how a wolf pack killed over 40 sheep and lambs in one raid. The wolves escaped without consuming any of the sheep they killed. If the Law of Nature rules the still, animate and vegetable world what causes this type of aberration? Thanks, Sally

  2. Most of the things you mentioned is just amazing accuracy, it makes me ponder the reasons, I do not see this light in the past. Your work really for me to switch the light on this subject. However, at this time, only one location, I am not comfortable, but I am also doing this to mediation, with the central theme of your question, I have seen what the rest of your readers have done a good job say.Very .

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