Death Of The Body Should Be Like Cutting Our Hair

laitman_2009-05-xx_ny_5048A question I received: What does it mean to reveal Nature?

My Answer: To reveal Nature means to reveal the general law of Nature in which we are included and to reveal ourselves at a different stage.  In other words, it means to reveal reality in its true form, as opposed to its perception in our five corporeal senses. In that sense, we are no different that animals.

What makes us different from animals today is our egoistic desire to use all of Nature for our own benefit, the petty and narrow profit. But we have to learn to rise above this egoistic force that is within us all.

If we turn this egoistic force into a force of bestowal and love of our  neighbor, we will rise above our nature, attain bestowal, and become similar to the Creator, which is the general and the Upper Force of Nature. It is called “to reveal the Creator” in everyone. By that, one reveals the Upper Quality of bestowal in oneself and reaches an eternal and perfect life, as the Creator and as all of Nature.

Even when one loses his material animate body, he does not feel that he lacks for something, because this corporeal life is the smallest, worst and most insignificant form of life.

Rabash used an example of cutting the hair or nails.  Because the hair and nails represent the vegetative part on the animate part of the body, a person does not feel pain when he cuts them because the vegetative part is one level below the animate.

In the same way, when we rise above the animate level of Nature to the level of the Creator, we will stop perceiving the loss of our material life as an important and meaningful event.  But, until we have risen to this higher degree, we will continue to attach importance to it.

Once we rise to this next higher degree, we will realize that the only reason for us to remain in this life will be for the necessity of disseminating the knowledge of Kabbalah and the need for bestowal, in which case this opportunity will still exist. If this was not necessary and our corporeal body was to die, we would feel its death no more than what we feel when we cut our nails or hair.

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