Obama Proclaims May “Jewish American Heritage Month”

religion-is-a-cultureal-tradion-whereas-kabbalah-deals-with-mans-correction-through-revealing-the-lightIn the News (from JTA): President proclaims Jewish American Heritage Month” President Obama has issued a proclamation deeming May Jewish American Heritage Month. “Among the greatest contributions of the Jewish American community … is the example they have set for all Americans,” writes Obama in the proclamation.

My Comment: The Jews have brought the country to this point, so let them lead it further.

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Cure The World, Cure Yourself

how20do20you20get20rid20of20anti-semitismA question I received: How can we cure others if we are sick ourselves and we don’t even know how to help ourselves?

My Answer: We are inside an integral society where everyone is interconnected. Therefore, no one can be cured until everyone is. It is only by striving to cure others that you will become healthy too.

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Irrationality Is A Step Forward

there2520are2520no2520family2520dynasties2520in2520kabA question I received: What is the idea behind correction? What corrects me?

My Answer: Correction is when you attain the quality of “faith above reason,” where faith is the force of bestowal that’s above our egoistic nature, and “faith above reason” is when you want to use this force to bond with others. You then forget about yourself and rise above this world.

People can and will have to accept this condition in order to rise above their nature, because this is the law of existence in an integral, interconnected system. This system is similar to the human body or the whole universe, where everything is connected to and depends on everything.

In a closed system, everyone depends on everyone else. If someone does something bad, it means that others made him do it. The offender has no freedom of choice because he follows the example set for him by others. Therefore, if someone behaves badly, then it’s my fault, not his.

Knowing this, a person can step out of his egoistic rationality and enter irrationality. Why? It’s because the human level is higher than the animate one, and therefore the only way to ascend to the human level is to reject your present rationality and accept the higher irrationality. One must accept bestowal above reason (meaning, above one’s egoism) and connect to others according to the rule, “love your neighbor as yourself.”

This is the rational form of life for a human being, because a human being is someone who is connected to everyone in the society. Today, however, we don’t have a society, because humanity is not a society. We call it a “civilization,” which means that everyone lives together, but everyone tries to infringe on others. Human society, on the other hand, is when all people are connected together.

This is the stumbling block of the politicians and financiers today. They are looking for a regulator on the animate level, and this approach will lead them to greater failures until people will separate from each other altogether.

Today people already recognize that the lack of connection between them is evil. But they still don’t understand that the only way to create a connection is for each person to rise above his egoism. We will eat only if everyone will desire to spoon-feed each other.

So, the only solution is to organize our environment better. The mass media and upbringing have to transmit the Light that will gradually change people. The society will then reach a pragmatic understanding that we all have to play the game of bestowal and love, displaying these qualities to one another. This is the only way to change ourselves, and without it, we simply won’t survive. Our salvation lies in the environment’s ability to influence every one of us.

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Let’s Make Sure We Don’t Repeat The Bad Examples Of History

plan1The law of nature is a force that pushes us to attain complete interaction and become an integral part of Nature. It influences us gradually, to the extent we develop, using reward and punishment to guide us like an intelligent judge or teacher. This law is strict and merciless toward us, like a strict judge, and we shouldn’t forget this.

However, we still don’t feel that we have to follow this law – the law of interaction between us, or the law of mutual guarantee. We have not yet been placed at the guillotine, where anyone who doesn’t carry out the law is put to death.

However, history already has a simple example that is understood by all: the Holocaust that befell the Jewish people. This process began to evolve slowly, and people could have changed themselves and the situation. That is, they could have corrected themselves by studying the science of correction – Kabbalah. In fact, this is what Kabbalists summoned people to do even before Ward War II began.

All the conditions for correction were given to the people from above, but the people didn’t meet these conditions consciously and correctly. And that is why the law suddenly began to act rigorously, like a volcano that erupts. And it affects everyone until people will follow it to the letter.

We should stop and think about the fact that history may repeat itself.

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The Best Way To Show Our Kids Our Love Is To Teach Them A New Path

childrenA question I received: Why must humanity be awakened? Why can’t it wake up on its own?

My Answer: Humanity is waking up on its own, but only when pushed by blows. This is how we have developed over the course of our entire history. Until now this was the only way for us to develop because our only quality was egoistic and we were forced to make progress by the suffering we felt inside our egoism.

Now, however, we have reached a state where another quality is awakening in us – the quality of bestowal. This gives us a new chance to develop – not only through the blows we receive that “push” us from behind, but also through our aspiration forward, toward the quality of bestowal. If we aspire forward in this way, we can avoid blows and suffering. We will then reduce the time it take us to develop and reach the designated goal – equivalence with the Creator – through a pleasant, comfortable path.

This is why we disseminate the wisdom of Kabbalah instead of waiting for humanity to develop on its own. The natural path of development is forced: we are pushed to develop by suffering, and along this path, it took tens of thousands of years to bring us to the current level of development.

Now that we have undergone this development, we are preparing our children for life in the modern world. During the first 20 years of their lives, we impart onto them all the knowledge that humanity has acquired throughout history. We cram thousands of years of human progress into the child’s 20 year-long upbringing. And he in turn takes this knowledge and continues onward.

We should apply the principle of advancing down the path of positive aspiration when bringing up the new generation. This is the best way to express our love and care for them.

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Let Us Open The Faucet Of Love For Each Other


A question I received: You say that if a person has a natural inclination to help the needy, this is not the same as loving others. Can you please explain what “loving others” means then?

My Answer: “Love of others” is a special quality that comes to a person during the correct study of Kabbalah. This quality enables a person to sense the interdependence between everyone and the need to fulfill others through himself. It is similar to a lover who wants to fill the object of his desire.

“Love of others” begins from its opposite – the revelation of hatred, rejection and separation from others. This is how one first feels when he reveals his complete dependence on others. It is as though the faucet that dispenses the air you breathe is under someone else’s control. One reveals that he is completely and utterly dependent on the whole world, and everyone is dependent on his kind behavior toward them. He reveals that he is the only one who determines his state by having good or bad relationships with the world.

Every day, this sensation of dependence grows and one becomes more reliant on others in order to receive basic necessities such as water, bread, work and security. This is how the global, integral system is revealed to us, and we start seeing the Butterfly Effect in action. At the same time, we also reveal our hatred toward each other and that our egoism produces this hatred in all people of this world!

The image of utter interdependence among all people that is being revealed to a person makes him desire to “open the faucet” for everyone. And this is what “love of others” is.

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How Can The Whole World Become As One Family?

world1A question I received: Recently you mentioned that a corrected society is like one family, where the profit earned by different corporations and industries will be used for the benefit of the entire country and the whole world. How will this affect our lives? Will the whole country work for the sake of the whole world?

My Answer: We are not talking about this kind of a connection among countries yet. However, Baal HaSulam says that this model can be built in one country. All the corporations that exist in that country and all the people living there would work according to the principle of brotherhood, without the aim of receiving a profit. In other words, people would work and then contribute their profits to the country’s common treasury, and the sages that head the country will determine how to distribute the surplus in the best way possible.

The law is very simple: each person receives exactly as much as he needs for a normal life. And it does not matter if we are talking about a single person or a huge enterprise.

In the article, “The Future Generation,” Baal HaSulam writes that we should first create a small organization whose majority will be altruists. This organization would include all the forms of government, and gradually the entire world will join it. This organization will be like the central point of the world, surrounded by nations and governments, and everyone will have one program and one leadership.

If you have trouble envisioning this, then just think of the whole of humanity as one family. This is what Nature demands of us. Our task is to organize ourselves in this manner as quickly as possible, and to explain to everyone that this is for our own benefit. This is the aim of Kabbalah’s dissemination around the world.

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North America’s Strength Is Its Equivalence To Nature’s Integrity

a20new20years20wish20to20the20worldA question I received: Do people living in North America have a special role? Do they have a special place in the common correction?

My Answer: It’s not a coincidence that the world is divided into the New World and the Old World. The Old World – Europe and Asia, has been populated since prehistoric times, whereas massive colonization of the American continent started only two or three centuries ago.

North America is a miniature model of the entire world, which is why it sets the example for the rest of the world. America has a greater potential to develop than other parts of the world, and not because of economics, technology or government, but due to the power of its diverse system, which includes representatives of the entire world on equal standing. America’s strength is its equivalence to Nature’s integrity!

The social, national, economic and governmental structures existing in the American society gives the American people the ability to reach a quicker understanding of the true cause of the crisis and the method of its correction.

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The World We See Is A Picture In Our Brain

ourA question I received: You saying that everything we perceive is the picture that our brain depicts against the background of white Light, from Reshimot that constantly emerge from our memory into our consciousness like links in a chain. Therefore, what we take for external occurrences are actually pictures that are played in our mind.

I agree with this, but there is one thing that confuses me: what happens in case of an accident, when a car (a picture in my brain) can physically damage the brain itself, and even cause my whole body to die?

My Answer: Your problem is that you perceive part of the picture as taking place outside of you, and part of it – as happening inside. This is what causes the confusion.

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The Difference Between This Crisis And The Previous Ones

wordsA question I received: What is a regular crisis, and how does the current crisis differ from previous ones?

My Answer: A regular, classic crisis is caused by overproduction, where a decrease in demand causes a decrease in production, which results in a rise of unemployment and decrease in income. This in turn causes further decrease in demand. One thing leads to another until this downward spiral contracts to a point.

The current crisis is different because it was not caused by overproduction, but by the revelation of our global egoism. We have reached the ceiling of our individual egoistic development, and the only way we can develop from here on is by improving the connection between us, rather than by advancing individually.

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