The Best Way To Show Our Kids Our Love Is To Teach Them A New Path

childrenA question I received: Why must humanity be awakened? Why can’t it wake up on its own?

My Answer: Humanity is waking up on its own, but only when pushed by blows. This is how we have developed over the course of our entire history. Until now this was the only way for us to develop because our only quality was egoistic and we were forced to make progress by the suffering we felt inside our egoism.

Now, however, we have reached a state where another quality is awakening in us – the quality of bestowal. This gives us a new chance to develop – not only through the blows we receive that “push” us from behind, but also through our aspiration forward, toward the quality of bestowal. If we aspire forward in this way, we can avoid blows and suffering. We will then reduce the time it take us to develop and reach the designated goal – equivalence with the Creator – through a pleasant, comfortable path.

This is why we disseminate the wisdom of Kabbalah instead of waiting for humanity to develop on its own. The natural path of development is forced: we are pushed to develop by suffering, and along this path, it took tens of thousands of years to bring us to the current level of development.

Now that we have undergone this development, we are preparing our children for life in the modern world. During the first 20 years of their lives, we impart onto them all the knowledge that humanity has acquired throughout history. We cram thousands of years of human progress into the child’s 20 year-long upbringing. And he in turn takes this knowledge and continues onward.

We should apply the principle of advancing down the path of positive aspiration when bringing up the new generation. This is the best way to express our love and care for them.

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