Let’s Make Sure We Don’t Repeat The Bad Examples Of History

plan1The law of nature is a force that pushes us to attain complete interaction and become an integral part of Nature. It influences us gradually, to the extent we develop, using reward and punishment to guide us like an intelligent judge or teacher. This law is strict and merciless toward us, like a strict judge, and we shouldn’t forget this.

However, we still don’t feel that we have to follow this law – the law of interaction between us, or the law of mutual guarantee. We have not yet been placed at the guillotine, where anyone who doesn’t carry out the law is put to death.

However, history already has a simple example that is understood by all: the Holocaust that befell the Jewish people. This process began to evolve slowly, and people could have changed themselves and the situation. That is, they could have corrected themselves by studying the science of correction – Kabbalah. In fact, this is what Kabbalists summoned people to do even before Ward War II began.

All the conditions for correction were given to the people from above, but the people didn’t meet these conditions consciously and correctly. And that is why the law suddenly began to act rigorously, like a volcano that erupts. And it affects everyone until people will follow it to the letter.

We should stop and think about the fact that history may repeat itself.

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  1. Before I started studying Kabbalah I thought the best way to live was like the Native Americans. My great grandmother and other ancestors were natives and they lived very similar to the Jews. Do you think their is any connection with these two people and their very unlucky fate?

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