Irrationality Is A Step Forward

there2520are2520no2520family2520dynasties2520in2520kabA question I received: What is the idea behind correction? What corrects me?

My Answer: Correction is when you attain the quality of “faith above reason,” where faith is the force of bestowal that’s above our egoistic nature, and “faith above reason” is when you want to use this force to bond with others. You then forget about yourself and rise above this world.

People can and will have to accept this condition in order to rise above their nature, because this is the law of existence in an integral, interconnected system. This system is similar to the human body or the whole universe, where everything is connected to and depends on everything.

In a closed system, everyone depends on everyone else. If someone does something bad, it means that others made him do it. The offender has no freedom of choice because he follows the example set for him by others. Therefore, if someone behaves badly, then it’s my fault, not his.

Knowing this, a person can step out of his egoistic rationality and enter irrationality. Why? It’s because the human level is higher than the animate one, and therefore the only way to ascend to the human level is to reject your present rationality and accept the higher irrationality. One must accept bestowal above reason (meaning, above one’s egoism) and connect to others according to the rule, “love your neighbor as yourself.”

This is the rational form of life for a human being, because a human being is someone who is connected to everyone in the society. Today, however, we don’t have a society, because humanity is not a society. We call it a “civilization,” which means that everyone lives together, but everyone tries to infringe on others. Human society, on the other hand, is when all people are connected together.

This is the stumbling block of the politicians and financiers today. They are looking for a regulator on the animate level, and this approach will lead them to greater failures until people will separate from each other altogether.

Today people already recognize that the lack of connection between them is evil. But they still don’t understand that the only way to create a connection is for each person to rise above his egoism. We will eat only if everyone will desire to spoon-feed each other.

So, the only solution is to organize our environment better. The mass media and upbringing have to transmit the Light that will gradually change people. The society will then reach a pragmatic understanding that we all have to play the game of bestowal and love, displaying these qualities to one another. This is the only way to change ourselves, and without it, we simply won’t survive. Our salvation lies in the environment’s ability to influence every one of us.

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