How Can The Whole World Become As One Family?

world1A question I received: Recently you mentioned that a corrected society is like one family, where the profit earned by different corporations and industries will be used for the benefit of the entire country and the whole world. How will this affect our lives? Will the whole country work for the sake of the whole world?

My Answer: We are not talking about this kind of a connection among countries yet. However, Baal HaSulam says that this model can be built in one country. All the corporations that exist in that country and all the people living there would work according to the principle of brotherhood, without the aim of receiving a profit. In other words, people would work and then contribute their profits to the country’s common treasury, and the sages that head the country will determine how to distribute the surplus in the best way possible.

The law is very simple: each person receives exactly as much as he needs for a normal life. And it does not matter if we are talking about a single person or a huge enterprise.

In the article, “The Future Generation,” Baal HaSulam writes that we should first create a small organization whose majority will be altruists. This organization would include all the forms of government, and gradually the entire world will join it. This organization will be like the central point of the world, surrounded by nations and governments, and everyone will have one program and one leadership.

If you have trouble envisioning this, then just think of the whole of humanity as one family. This is what Nature demands of us. Our task is to organize ourselves in this manner as quickly as possible, and to explain to everyone that this is for our own benefit. This is the aim of Kabbalah’s dissemination around the world.

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