North America’s Strength Is Its Equivalence To Nature’s Integrity

a20new20years20wish20to20the20worldA question I received: Do people living in North America have a special role? Do they have a special place in the common correction?

My Answer: It’s not a coincidence that the world is divided into the New World and the Old World. The Old World – Europe and Asia, has been populated since prehistoric times, whereas massive colonization of the American continent started only two or three centuries ago.

North America is a miniature model of the entire world, which is why it sets the example for the rest of the world. America has a greater potential to develop than other parts of the world, and not because of economics, technology or government, but due to the power of its diverse system, which includes representatives of the entire world on equal standing. America’s strength is its equivalence to Nature’s integrity!

The social, national, economic and governmental structures existing in the American society gives the American people the ability to reach a quicker understanding of the true cause of the crisis and the method of its correction.

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