A Study Of “Generosity Pills” Points To The Source Of Perfect Fulfillment

kabbalah-for-everybodyIn the News (from Claremont University):Oxytocin: Trust, Touch and the Economy” Claremont researcher and oxytocin expert Paul Zak and his colleagues discovered that doses of the naturally-produced hormone oxytocin made people more trustworthy, and thus more likely to give money to strangers. This, in turn, causes us to reciprocate the ‘trusted’ feeling. With an added dose of oxytocin, subjects’ generosity to strangers increased up to 80%.

My Comment: This once again confirms that our goal is not money, but pleasure and fulfillment. If a person is fulfilled, then he is not interested in green pieces of paper. On the contrary, if these pieces of paper don’t bring him pleasure and fulfillment, then he doesn’t need them.

The same is true for other sources of pleasure, such as power, fame, and knowledge. Therefore, the conclusion to be made from this is that we have to look for the perfect fulfillment. What is that?

It is the Creator, who is the Source of perfect fulfillment. By revealing Him, we will find everything we ever wanted and more.

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