Can Those Who Suffer Save The World?

there-are-no-idols-in-kabbalahA question I received: How can someone who feels bad and is suffering from the crisis pass on the message and the method of becoming good? After all, you don’t ask a poor person advice on how to make money!

My Answer: A person who feels bad doesn’t have the method of correction. Otherwise, he would feel good. In fact, the correction of the world depends entirely on how we feel inside.

However, if a person knows that this suffering is related to his lack of correction, the shift from egoism to bestowal, then he has to share this knowledge and feeling with others.

Therefore, it is everyone’s duty and obligation to disseminate this wisdom to everyone.

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  1. So as Kabbalists we should be happy all the time? What if we are not happy or do not feel good?

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