We Are Always Subject To Nature’s Law Of Love

How Old Is the World?The more we repeat the phrase, “love your neighbor as yourself,” the less we understand it. It is written that this is the general rule, the law of all reality, and we must act according to it. And whoever thinks that individual parts of the universe do not observe it, is mistaken.

We observe this law because we have no other choice, since we live in one dimension, in one sphere. This law affects us, but we observe it unwillingly. The suffering we perceive is precisely this absence of desire to observe this law. This is how we feel the difference between the present state and the more advanced state.

If we pay attention to this, we will be able to discern the most important thing: that this law is mandatory for us. It affects us and we purposefully exist in a state that’s opposite to it, where we don’t want it. This is done in order for us to realize its importance, splendor and universality. We will then observe it willingly, with our free choice.

The fact is, we all serve the Creator (or Nature). However, some of us do it unwillingly, while others do it willingly and consciously.

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The Stages Of Our Development: Still, Vegetative, Animate And Human

the-meaning-of-spiritual-and-physical-tearsQuestions I received about the levels of development:

Question: Am I correct to understand that a person on the still level of development has not yet revealed his point in the heart? And does the development of the point in the heart follow the same stages: still, vegetative, animate and human?

My Answer: Yes, it’s exactly as you’ve explained.

Question: Is it possible to skip from the still level to the animate level, or from the vegetative level to the speaking level during one’s development?

My Answer: No. The transition is always gradual, according to the established order.

Question: Before we descended into our world, we had no concept or awareness of it. Therefore, when we ascend back up to the collective soul, will we develop a spiritual awareness? And how will this differ from our lack of awareness before we descended?

My Answer: The difference is our recognition of what happens to us and our participation in the process of attaining the Creator, His level of existence.

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How To Change The Direction Of The Crisis

reminds1Today, a new kind of connection among people is being revealed – a connection that is universal. Until now, our relationships worked by the Darwinian principle: the strongest succeeded and won, and one’s success always occurred at the expense of another. However, now this principle has stopped working.

Today, it turns out that the ones who succeed are those who work together with others. This does not mean just being partners, but rather, having a connection of kindness, where everyone is equal and one person does not surpass others. But who has the strength to act this way?

Much is being said today about the need to connect with each other, and this is what the situation in the world demands of us, because the whole world is one small, global village that functions according to the Butterfly Effect. But how can we put this into action? President Obama, all of his advisers and all the other government leaders are also aware that the world is global, and there are thousands of very smart people working to figure this issue out. However, they lack the Light, which can reveal precisely where the defect is. Thus, education is the only means that can make people understand the solution.

The billions of dollars that are being spent to help the banks and enterprises will have to be spent on a worldwide education system, which will raise a new kind of human being – one who’s global. This is where they money should go, instead of being put into banks or used to spur trade. Nothing else will save us.

We are facing this fact, this law of nature, which demands that we unite together as one. We don’t know what constitutes this unity or how to create it, but we must create the image of the corrected world within us. The minute people will begin to do this, the situation in the world will improve. And we don’t have to wait for everyone to be corrected, because as soon as people just begin to move in this direction, nature itself will support us.

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Nature Has Trapped Us Inside Our Interconnection

those-are-study-kabbalah-are-not-scared-of-anything2A question I received: Is the crisis Nature’s way of punishing us for our bad behavior?

My Answer: There is no such thing in Nature as punishment. The crisis is a reflection of our disparity with the new system of relationships, which is now being revealed among us. This is why none of the anti-crisis methods that people are trying to apply to the economy will work. These attempts will only accelerate people’s recognition that their egoism is evil.

We need an entirely new method – one that is altruistic and aimed at altering human consciousness. People all over the world will have to understand that we have entered a new system of human relationships.

Nature has trapped us, bound us together, and closed the lock – that’s it, we’re interconnected. We have developed for thousands of years to reach the height of our egoistic development, and we now find ourselves completely interconnected.

This is the revelation of the next, spiritual degree of humanity’s existence. On this degree, we are all one single body – and there’s nothing we can do about this!

This is why everyone will suffer, and not just in some parts of the world, but everywhere. After all, we are one body, and in a body, if the leg hurts, it’s impossible for the head to be ignorant of the pain.

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We Don’t Need A Strong Ruler, But Unification

unificationIn the News (translated from Computerra.ru): 150 years ago, serfdom was eliminated at the supreme behest of the Tsar. From that time on, millions of Russians have lived with a feeling that they were stripped of something important, maybe even the most important thing. After tasting freedom, many pondered, “What is so good about having to search for food?” When you are at the landlord’s disposal, everyone wins – both the master and the slave.

Some felt that it was good to live without a landlord, but many missed the feeling of having someone powerful in charge! And in the nineties, people began to demand a master to come and fix their lives.

The modern oligarchs are not in favor of this plan, since they have exploited the natural resources and turned the people adrift, leaving them to survive on their own. So, the people have to search for a new Master!

My Comment: All nations and people differ from each other because each has its own spiritual root. The crisis will even all of this out, and the revelation of Kabbalah – the method of unification, will allow even the most opposite people to connect by ascending above the self.

Only the unification of all people will bring us to perfection, regardless of different personalities, customs, religions and all other differences. Unification enables people to rise above all the differences, for everyone to be as one whole, and for every person to realize that he is of equal value as everyone else, since he is part of the complete body of humanity.

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It Is Up To Us To Turn Poison Into Medicine

when-will-suffering-disappearThe entire healing process occurs through the realization of evil, through feeling the evil with the help of the poison. The symbol of medicine is a snake wrapped around a cup of poison. At first it may seem like this is something that causes the greatest harm to a person and makes him die. But actually, it acts on the contrary – it heals a person.

How is it possible for the same thing be a source of both life and death? The fact is, it is the person who determines how this source will influence him. He is the one to determine whether the drop of poison will be a poisonous or healing for him.

Some people desire to examine human nature and to understand how to cure it. Others use the same examination to learn how to turn poison to medicine. And others yet only use the medicine. However, they must realize that they are ill, at least to some extent! They have to understand what it means to live, what it means to die, what is good and what is evil, and to learn that there is a medicine that allows them to go from one state to another.

A person has to know that there is a “doctor” he can come to, someone he can pay to receive treatment, and that this treatment might be painful. But in a way, he does have to participate in the healing process.

The entire human development occurs under the supervision of the trustworthy, genuine Doctor. Humanity has received the medicine, and it has gone through a process of development. And now is the time for people to participate in this process independently. Why? Because one reaches the degree of “human” by participating in the general system, by building it and desiring for it to be built in order to reveal the system of Adam – the system of souls that are connected to each other through bonds of giving. This makes them similar to the Creator’s quality.

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Schools Seek To Hire Prison Guards To Make Sure Students Behave

aliens-are-a-trick-of-the-imaginationIn the News (from TimesOnline):Schools hiring bouncers to ensure pupils behave, teachers say” An education recruitment agency posted an advert online saying: “Hard core cover supervisors needed now! You might be an ex-Marine, prison officer, bouncer, policeman, fireman, sportsman…”

My Comment: This would be funny if it wasn’t actually happening. What will come out of these students, who grow up with “hard core supervisors” and examples of force? What will the society of the future be like? Will it be a society of powerful, obedient robots, with deep psychological problems?

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What Should A Kabbalist Wear?

club1Two questions I received about physical observances and Kabbalah:

Question: If a person who studies Kabbalah is not religious or Jewish, does he have to follow the example set by you and the great Kabbalists to grow a beard and dress accordingly?

My Answer: Definitely not. I need my “getup” in order to be recognized as a man who has received Kabbalah from the lineage of Kabbalists, because they all looked like this (and they were much more orthodox than me, by the way). But when you separate from the external world, your external appearance and clothing do not matter one bit. Besides, Kabbalists looked pretty different three thousand years ago!

Question: You say that by studying Kabbalah, I can ascend to the level of double concealment, then single concealment, and then cross the Machsom and attain revelation. Then is it true that I am not required to observe the commandments physically?

My Answer: Physical observance forms a framework for living in our world, but it is not mandatory for correcting our souls.

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Banks Should Not Be Able To Create Money At Will

laitman_2009-03_4166News Commentary (from The Guardian): “Money for nothing” Banks should be repositories for our wealth – and not be free to create money at will. We should take monetary reform seriously.

Nothing in that lengthy communiqué suggests the G20 is prepared to engage with the underlying causes of the financial crisis. Chief among these is the deeply flawed mechanism by which money is created.

Herman Daly wrote recently: “I would certainly advocate 100% reserve requirements for banks (approached gradually). All banks should be financial intermediaries that lend depositors’ money, not engines for creating money out of nothing and lending it at interest.”

Daly’s argument for movement towards a just and sustainable steady-state economy offers a comprehensive solution to the current crisis.

Cash comprises just 3% of the money supply. The rest exists only as entries in banks’ electronic ledgers.

If banks can create electronic money at will through the process of fractional reserve banking, why shouldn’t a democratically accountable central authority do the same? … central banks should determine the quantity of new non-cash money. Under their scheme, the central bank would credit new money to the government as public revenue which would then be spent into circulation.

Bryan Gould said, “Only governments have the capability and the duty to act in the wider interest” in respect of the money issue.

The objective of monetary policy should be to ensure that the money supply accurately reflects the quantity of real wealth being created in the economy, and is sufficient to provide funds for new investment in real businesses to keep the economy ticking over.

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Am I A Mystic Or A Prophet?

save1Two questions I received about myself:

Question: Are you a mystic?

My Answer: I am a rational, down-to-earth man. Mysticism has never appealed to me. Even if I have feelings that seem “mystical,” I feel them because I attained them for myself. This is a sensation of the Creator, a sensation of crossing over, a sensation of commonality, of a single force and a field of love. All of this is mine. This is my reality because I live it and breathe it. Therefore, it is not mysticism for me, but an unfolding wider world. So, call me a “mystic” if you wish, but to me this means the attainment of a higher, wider range of vision, where attainment is not mysticism.

Question: Are you a prophet?

My Answer: People often ask me this question. To me, a spiritual sensation is not prophesy, but the reality in which I live. And if you will ask me, “What will happen tomorrow?” I will tell you unequivocally, “I don’t know.” And none of the prophets knew it. They were simply saying, “If you don’t do what you’re supposed to, then things will be very bad for you.” And they could describe the “bad things” that would happen because they knew the laws of Nature and what will happen if people don’t comply with them. This is what they described.

“But if you behave well,” they explained, “then all of this evil will transform to goodness. We, the prophets, do not know what will actually happen. We are telling you about Nature’s (or the Creator’s) plan, and the rest depends on you.” I also don’t know what will actually happen in the future. It depends on our choice: what path will we choose to get to the originally set goal – equivalence to the Creator.

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