What Should A Kabbalist Wear?

club1Two questions I received about physical observances and Kabbalah:

Question: If a person who studies Kabbalah is not religious or Jewish, does he have to follow the example set by you and the great Kabbalists to grow a beard and dress accordingly?

My Answer: Definitely not. I need my “getup” in order to be recognized as a man who has received Kabbalah from the lineage of Kabbalists, because they all looked like this (and they were much more orthodox than me, by the way). But when you separate from the external world, your external appearance and clothing do not matter one bit. Besides, Kabbalists looked pretty different three thousand years ago!

Question: You say that by studying Kabbalah, I can ascend to the level of double concealment, then single concealment, and then cross the Machsom and attain revelation. Then is it true that I am not required to observe the commandments physically?

My Answer: Physical observance forms a framework for living in our world, but it is not mandatory for correcting our souls.

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