We Feel Everything Through Comparison With Something Else

Man's Relationship With the Creator Is Like a Dramatic Love StoryA question I received: Many phenomena in the world change from one extreme to another: from light to dark, cold to hot, life to death, minus to plus, motion to rest, and so on. Isn’t there another method of spiritual development besides including all the opposites in ourselves?

My answer: The Creator is the feeling of one quality: bestowal, love. However, since we are the created beings, we can only feel something on the background of something else, or in comparison with it.

Pleasure inside the desire is the Light of the Creator inside of you. This constitutes the whole of creation. Therefore, as a result of our development, we must come to incorporate the entire desire – the Kli of the World of Infinity, and the entire fulfillment – the Light of the World of Infinity, the Creator.

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