The Crisis Will Continue Until We Cry Out, “Enough Egoism!”

when-it-comes-to-the-global-crisis-we-cannot-afford-to-procrastinate2A question I received: Why is the Creator leading the world to an irrevocable state that it cannot cope with?

My Answer: The recognition of evil has to come precisely from this state. Man will not be able to leave his present state and will consider it normal until he starts receiving “blows” that he can no longer cope with inside his egoism. He will then realize this and cry out, “Enough!”

You see how people keep throwing their money into the furnace of banks and funds, as if they’re not thinking at all. The money keeps disappearing, but the charade keeps going on and on.

So, nothing will help except the correction of society itself. But exactly should be corrected? We have to correct the global connection between us, and this connection must include all of humanity. Unless we do this, no other means will be effective.

There may occasionally be moments of respite, and minor fluctuations when things will get better or worse. At some point it may even appear as if the crisis is over. These alternating processes are necessary for people to become more aware, since man is a creature of inertia. Therefore, we may even experience a period of tranquility for a year or two, when everything will settle down as though the crisis has passed.

However, the trend will remain the same, because we’ve already entered a global state where the whole world is globally interconnected. Therefore, the blows will keep coming because of our incorrect relationships with each other.

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