SymbioticA Art Exhibit Portrays the Need for Responsibility Toward Life

SymbioticA Art Exhibit Portrays the Need for Responsibility Toward LifeNews Story: Museum Kills Live Exhibit

At a New York art exhibition, a living coat made out of living mouse stem cells started growing uncontrollably, and had to be killed. The exhibit was put together by a group known as SymbioticA, based at the School of Anatomy & Human Biology at the University of Western Australia in Perth. The group’s director, Oren Catts, stated that the need to kill the exhibit served to exemplify the group’s overarching goal, which is “to present the end of our projects in ways that remind people that these works are/were alive and that we have a responsibility towards the living systems that we engage in manipulating.”

My Comment: While we’re on the subject of people’s responsibilities, then can we say that our future with nanotechnology and stem cells is in the “trustworthy” hands of “responsible” people? If we continue relying on people’s better judgment, then just imagine what kind of a world our future generations will be living in? We simply need to change ourselves, ASAP, otherwise the world’s really going to get out of control.

I have a question for all the responsible people, wherever they are: Are you spreading the method of correction?

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