How Should I Raise My Children?

How Should I Raise My Children?A question I received: Kabbalah says that we are governed by the Upper Force. In this case, how should I relate to raising my children? How can I raise them when they and I are controlled from above? Children aren’t something inanimate, like a traffic light or a computer, so how should I raise them?

My Answer: In one way or another, children live in a society or environment from which they receive all “the good and the bad.” Nature has given you the responsibility to raise them, to determine what will fill them during their initial ten to fifteen years of their life. In other words, you are “molding” them, and you also determine what educational institutions they attend and who their teachers and friends are.

A question I received: How soon will a Kabbalistic elementary school be established? I am afraid of sending my children to a regular school or day care.

My Answer: We already have such schools, to some extent. And you can try creating them in other places as well.

A question I received: Is it possible to visit your center in Israel with children?

My Answer: Yes. You need to coordinate your visit with our reception by calling 1-700-509-209.

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  1. Hah!….I LOVE that photo Rav! 🙂

    Love to you!!!

  2. Rav, you are so adorable!
    My son, Ishrael, he is 11yo, (we are homeschoolers) and he is so eager to learn everything about Kabbalah, so I’m showing him everything I am learning with the lessons online, plus what I read here in the blog, and in the ebooks I downloaded for free thanks to your unmatched generosity.  Thanks precious Rav for everything you are doing for real unity. 

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