Loneliness – Inside and Out

Loneliness - Inside and OutThe vanity of modern life, the myriad changes and trips, and abundant opportunities of communication, do not solve the problem of loneliness. It’s becoming more and more difficult to make new acquaintances, especially in order to create a family. About half of the people living in cities live alone, a tendency that’s only growing.

In the era of total freedom, it has become harder to make new acquaintances. Globalization and individualization are leading to a disintegration of social networks. Cell phones and the Internet are increasing the distance between people. People are increasingly communicating anonymously and virtually, instead of meeting face to face.

This is only the beginning of the expression of egoism – a cancerous tumor that is consuming us little by little. It is digging its own grave, as written, “Egoism is a help against you,” and “The Pharaoh will bring us closer to the Creator.”

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