Good Books are Chosen by the Heart

Good Books are Chosen with the HeartThe Israel Book Week, an event in which most cities and suburbs of Israel host community book-selling exhibitions, is starting today and will continue until June 7.

The entire Bnei Baruch organization is preparing to meet with its many readers, as well as see many new faces, at this special event. Our stands will display all of our publications in all available languages, including Hebrew and English. Anyone who is in Israel during this period can check out where the Book Week is being held in their area, and come receive a free gift at our stand: a book of selected articles written by Bnei Baruch writers in the last year.

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  1. Dear Rav LaitmanIn Kabbalah do we consider religions as Klipot?They promise things that are untrue and terrorize people with promises of horrible punishments… and where they are leading the world nowadays does not look very promising…I am fascinated by Kabbalah, and i believe in it 100%… it makes it all clear!Thanks a lot !SIncerelyM

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