When Will People Recognize Kabbalah as a Science?

When Will People Recognize Kabbalah as a Science?Question for ML: Do you really think that eventually people will regard Kabbalah as a science and seriously consider the possibility of moving from an egoistic society to social equality?

My Answer: Do you remember The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint Exupéry, when the astronomer announced his wonderful discovery at the International Convention of Astronomers? No one believed him, and only because he was dressed in Turkish clothes. (If Kabbalah wasn’t being mistakenly associated with mysticism, religion, and especially Judaism, then perhaps people would hear what it has to say.) A year later, the astronomer announced the same discovery once again, only that this time he was dressed in the latest fashion, and everyone agreed with him!

The Little Prince

The Little Prince

Oh, these grownups are so weird!

Myths About Kabbalah


  1. Dear Rav Laitman, I made a search of your posts, and found no reference to chaos theory and fractal geometry.  In my Kabbalah classes, here in Colorado Springs, and in my reading Kabbalah and fractals are essentially synonomous.  Such terms as "resemblance," "similarity," and "equivalence of form," are all applicable to fractals.  I am wondering if you have considered this science, discovered by Benoit Mandelbrot in the 1970s as a model and vehicle to explain Kabbalah. Thank you, Charles Coon

  2. Rav. Laitman,

    Do you think increasing availability of information instantly over the internet and the advent of mobile devices such as the iPhone will increase interest in Kabbalah, and how do you percieve the future of human technology as a vehicle for attainment of the upper Light?

    That is my question, and aside from that I wish to thank you from my heart for your mission to aid in the availability of spiritual enlightenment to the masses at large. May God continue to find favor in your soul, and may you continue to perceive its glory in the fullest.

    Glory to the Creater and to our existence,
    Thank You
    Garrett Astler

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