The Obesity Problem – Why Is it Happening?

Dr. Michael LaitmanHere’s how Kabbalah explains the obesity problem that has emerged over the recent years: The inability to fulfill our growing egoism evokes people’s need to compensate the feeling of their inner emptiness – the lack of fulfillment of their egoistic desires – by any means possible. So basically, start thinking about “how to love and give” – and you’ll lose weight!

And why are so many women obsessed with this issue? Because a woman in our world has much less possibilities to find something that really fulfills her. On the whole, women suffer more than men.


  1. The only way you can manage obesity is through Proper Diet and lots of exercise. The human body is designed for work so we should always get some form of physical exercise to stay fit.

  2. here in Philippines, obesity is also becoming a problem. More and more children are getting obese due to a lifestyle that is not fully of physical activities. Most kids just wants to watch TV, play computer games and surf the net.

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