Rise above the Desire

232.05Everyone who is higher than his friend, his egoism is greater. The more you grow, the stronger the ego develops, only it becomes different; it soaks up and absorbs everyone.

And then you grow by fulfilling the desires of others and trying to reveal the general system of connection; in this way it becomes yours. Your starting, root point—the basis of life, the soul—is the starting point from which you constantly act.

That is why our methodology is called Kabbalah (receiving), in the end you receive.

This methodology explains how you can truly absorb the entire universe in all its depth. Everything that Hollywood invents, everything that a person can possibly think of, all of this multiplied by billions of times more you can absorb into yourself and expand to a state where you no longer feel the limitations of earthly existence in any parameters, along any axis of time, or volume, or even the axis of sensations.

Worse and better—all these parameters change and become relative. You are qualitatively changing so much that the transformation of inanimate, vegetative, and animate levels and their various modifications cannot even be compared to what you go through.

It all starts with the realization that it is your desire that becomes something that exists separately from you and it is in it that you begin to work. You set it in motion as some kind of mechanism, change its parameters, process it, and feel it. You are above the desire!
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Master of Disguise” 9/29/11

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