The True State of the Creator and Creation

962.2You should know that separation in spirituality occurs only by means of disparity of form. …

Just as corporeal entities connect and separate through proximity and remoteness, so spiritual entities connect and separate according to their difference and equivalence of form. The disparity of form separates them from one another, and the equivalence of form brings them together. Remember that for it is the key element to this wisdom (Baal HaSulam, Study of the Ten Sefirot, Vol. 1, Part 1, Chapter 1).

Question: What forms are we talking about?

Answer: We are talking about the qualities of the Creator. They are absolute bestowal, love, and closeness to His creations.

The qualities of creation are opposite to them. The creations are created as if in the imprint of the Creator within the quality of absolute egoism: self-love, caring only about oneself and about no one and nothing else, in no way and in nothing.

This oppositeness of the Creator and the creation, on the one hand, allows the creation to exist. Although this looks opposite, negative, and different from the Creator, it is precisely how creation exists.

In other words, if we can say so, the Creator had no other possibility to create the creation other than to make it the opposite of Himself.

The creation has no other opportunity to manifest itself in relation to the Creator, except in similarity to Him. It is because, based on the absolute oppositeness to the Creator, the only thing that remains for the creation and what it really needs is to come to similarity with the Creator. These are the true states of the Creator and creation.

The Creator is unchangeable, absolute in all His actions. His quality is only absolute bestowal and love. He has no egoistic desires, and therefore, it is impossible to influence Him in any way in order to change Him.

Whereas creation is absolutely egoistic, it exists only in the will to receive, to do everything with benefit only for itself. This is the only way it acts. This is how the Creator created it.
From KabTV’s “The Study of the Ten Sefirot (TES)” 9/4/22

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