Israel and Bnei Baruch

559Question: If the entire nation of Israel adopts the structure of Bnei Baruch and establishes completely different relationships and interrelations between people, what do you think would happen? Would this in some way bring us closer to correction?

Answer: Israel cannot accept such a system because it is for those who consciously go against their egoism to similarity with the Creator, who want to be Israel (Yashar El), and actively work on themselves.

Not everyone has this opportunity. It is given by nature in the same way as the ability for music, mathematics, painting, or dance. It is a kind of art. There are people who have it and people who do not, and not necessarily Jews. For example, Rabbi Akiva, who is the source of the entire Torah for us, both oral and written, was not a Jew by birth. There were many such people, especially in ancient times.

The fact is that only a person who has a pronounced point in the heart and  works with it, can work on himself according to Kabbalistic methods, that is, in the middle line along three lines.

The rest of the people should follow those with a point in heart as a guide who leads them due to the fact that they have an internal structure of three lines. Thus, they come to exactly the same result.

This method is easier and is based on connections and workshops. People are working on themselves but for connection. They do not have to do all kinds of problematic actions the way we do, they do not have to study the sources.

For them, there is another technique—to be good children. This is also not easy, but it is not like it is for the ones who are leading. After all, they are following the leader. Therefore, Israel is called Li Rosh, i.e., leading forward, the one that has a head, calculations, and a connection with the Creator, and all the others receive this through them.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Israel and Bnei Baruch.“ 4/25/13

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