The Golden Gate Leading to Optimism

202.0Question: There is a famous bridge in San Francisco where people often committed suicide. Every week a man came there and looked down. One day a driver came up to him and said: “I see you here often. Come to your senses. Life is beautiful.” The man smiled and answered him: “I am the most life-loving person in the world. I just develop this feeling even more when I look down from the bridge and realize that life can end.”

If we have this understanding that life can end in an instant, in a fraction of a second, does it increase our optimism? What do you think?

Answer: I do not know. It depends if this affects a person. I have been to this place and have passed over this bridge more than once. It is a crazy height. The water below has a temperature of seven to nine degrees. This is the Golden Gate Bridge.

Also, there are sharks down there. So, if you are not lucky enough to freeze in a few seconds or minutes, then they will eat you.

Comment: With suicides, everything is clear. But I would like to know about optimism. The fact that in a moment he may die increases the optimism of this man. He says: “But I am alive, and life is beautiful.”

My Response: But you can think the same thing when crossing the street. You do not have to go to San Francisco to do this!

Question: But still many people jump from the bridge and commit suicide, and he just looks. How can we increase optimism? Do you have any advice for people? Especially today it would be good.

Answer: Optimism will be increased only in a good environment where there are friends and comrades. When we can support each other and understand how to practically approach the revelation of real optimism, then, of course, it is possible.

Comment: You are saying that our life should consist of creating such a circle, and then nothing is scary.

My Response: Then nothing is scary. We will exist in it.

Question: What are my obligations in this circle?

Answer: Mutual support, care, and love. That is it.

Question: Does it mean that I grow this circle? I do not just enter it to receive.

Answer: Of course.

Question: Should everyone have this attitude?

Answer: It is contagious, we can infect each other with it. If you enter such a circle, then you gradually become infected with their attitude. I think it is possible.

Question: What about the usual thoughts of a person that I give them everything, I transmit love, but there is nothing in it for me. What should we do with such thoughts? They occur very often.

Answer: Also to get to a circle that would destroy them in you. Thoughts about yourself should eventually disappear.

Question: Is this the main result?

Answer: Yes, so that you think about others, not about yourself.

Question: Is it possible to dissolve like this and think only about others?

Answer: Of course, it depends on the environment.

Comment: Usually, you give an example of a mother who lives like this, if we are talking about our corporeal world.

My Response: Well, this is a mother, and we are talking about an ordinary person.

Question: Is it possible to think about them all the time, to exist for them?

Answer: Yes. We should receive such an example and such an attitude from the environment.

Question: Then can we work with optimism?

Answer: Then you can enjoy life.

Question: I see. You said that this is how you come closer to upper optimism. What is the upper optimism?

Answer: The upper optimism is when you feel that this is the absolute law of the world and that this is the meaning of existence: to rise to its level and exist in it.

Question: When you say optimism, what is it?

Answer: Optimism is when everything is great, has its own meaning, and revolves exactly according to this law—love your neighbor as yourself.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 3/30/23

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