No Need to Worry about the Loss of Loved Ones

532Comment: A student who watches almost all our videos, writes: “Dear Michael Laitman, My beloved husband, my soulmate, passed away a month ago. I try to ease my pain with thoughts and hope that our souls are connected and that I lost the body, but not the unity we had when he lived. Has a part of my soul gone with him? How can I feel a part of his soul in me? Maybe you can answer me. It is very difficult to live without him.”

My Response: Yes, it is difficult to answer such questions, moreover, obviously to a lonely elderly woman.

I think that the main thing is that we should not blame anyone for anything. The upper force moves all parts of nature including us. We need to look at this in a completely practical, pragmatic way. Let us prepare ourselves for the state when we will know and see everything and feel our world from above.

Question: Could you tell what state she should be in? He is gone, and there is no physical body in front of her.

Answer: She must be in a state of submission. What is there, let it continue. Time will change, and fate will change, and then we will feel a new life.

Question: If you pass all this obediently?

Answer: Yes.

Comment: That is, to return to this all the time and torment yourself with it…

My Response: No, none of this is necessary. Torments are not needed.

Question: And what to submit to in this case? To fate, to the upper providence?

Answer: To both. It is the same.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 4/20/23

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