Formula of Interaction of Three Values

232.06Question: If everyone is controlled by the Creator, where is their freedom?

Answer: We have to disseminate the knowledge of Kabbalah, realize it on ourselves, and show an example to the whole world. And the whole world has to accept it and implement it with our help. If it does not want to, that is its business. If it wants to, it will slowly understand.

Question: But this is not the desire of creation, is it?

Answer: No one asks the creation, just as no one asked you whether you should be born or not. You are brought to the opportunity to act freely. If you want, use it; if you do not want to, then do not. Then you will be led in circles by a long way and through a lot of problems.

If you implement freedom of will through your correction, yearn for it by yourself, and do not resist with all your might, then you go forward and everything is fine. But if you resist, then you will be led by force, like all stubborn ones.

If you understand what “reward and punishment” means, then you will understand that there are two reins that will pull you back and forth. By being prodded from behind by punishment and attracted by the reward ahead, you will always go where you need to.

Comment: It turns out that in this case, the Creator is a sadist.

My Response: The Creator is the upper force. The force! What right do you have to apply any epithets to it?! Merciful, cruel, and so on.

Everything that Kabbalists write comes from what a person feels. The Creator does not feel anything. This is a force of nature, an absolute force in which there is no pity, no anger, nothing. It is the force that should bring all creation to a single end.

It has a certain program. According to this program, the will to receive and the will to bestow gradually come closer to each other according to a certain formula of equivalence between them. This formula is known: between the will to receive and the will to bestow, there must be a screen that balances both forces.

A very simple formula for the interaction of these three values forms the entire program of creation and implements it. This is the Creator, the creation, and a system of interaction between them, which brings them closer and closer at each degree.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. What Is a Parallel World?” 3/1/11

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